Side by Side Double Strollers Versus Tandem Double Strollers

One of the first choices that you will need to make when choosing a double stroller is whether to purchase a tandem stroller or a side by side stroller.  Each type does have its own advantages, as well as disadvantages.

Tandem Double Strollers

A tandem double stroller seats one child in front of the other child.  The major advantage of using a tandem stroller over a side by side stroller is its narrow width.  A tandem takes up no more width than a single stroller.  If you spend most of your time in crowded areas or in narrow shopping aisles, then the tandem may be the one for you.  But, there are some disadvantages for this stroller.

  • Children are seated one behind the other This can cause problems with children fighting over which one gets that front seat.  Most manufacturers recommend that the older child be placed in the front seat, with the younger, lighter child placed in the rear.  If the children are of different ages, generally this works out for a while.  But as the younger child grows older and wiser, he realizes that he, too, wants that front seat.  If the children are twins, or siblings close in age, you can almost plan on arguments over who gets the coveted front seat.
  • Tilting the tandem stroller to get on or off sidewalks can be a major problem Placing the older child in the forward seat places the heavier weight farther away from you.  This makes it difficult, almost impossible, to lift the front of the stroller off the ground.  The force needed to tilt a stroller back depends on the distance the child is from the fulcrum point.  In this case the fulcrum point is the rear wheels.  As the child is placed further and further away from the rear wheels, the force you need to tip the stroller becomes greater.  If you are in the city and cross many streets, this is something to consider.
  • Space is limited and confining Space in the rear seat can become confined and uncomfortable as the child grows bigger in size.  Often the child in the rear tends to kick and annoy the child sitting in the forward seat.

Side by Side Double Strollers

Side by side double strollers seat the children side by side.  The width of these strollers is wider than the tandem stroller and should be considered if most of your time is spent indoors such as shopping in space restricted areas.  However, in most circumstances, the side by side strollers have many advantages.

  • Both children have a front row seat and view Side by side double strollers eliminate the arguments over seating.  The side by side double strollers also allow the children to interact with, and entertain each other, while on rides or when parked.
  • Side by side double strollers are easier to tilt back when going over curbs Tilting is not a problem with most side by side double strollers.  There is still the weight of two children, but the weight is located closer to the rear wheels, and this makes a big difference.
  • There is plenty of leg room for children as they grow Provided the seats are roomy and comfortable, the side by side double stroller will accommodate both children all the way up to the maximum recommended stroller weight.  In a side by side double stroller, there is always plenty of leg room out in front.

No matter what type of double stroller you decide to purchase, make sure that you also check out the frame and wheels.  A double stroller holds about 100 pounds.  That’s quite a bit of weight to maneuver in and around people, to cross streets, to tip going up and down sidewalks, etc.  You want a sturdy frame to safely hold your precious cargo, and well designed wheels to push the stroller easily.